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Title: Accepted Application - [NICK]
Thread Modes
00. NameSpeechless2ebastian
01. Nickname in-game:'!nSane
02. Age:22
03. Skype:no skype but i can create account if needed
04. CitySurprisedsnabrücl
05. Country:germany
06. How long am I playing TM: came back after 2 years break
07. Previous teams in TM: no teams
08. Why Żorscy?: looking for a team and Dark told me that ZR is looking for members, zorscy is fun and friendly :=)
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania
hello? is there someone? Raspberry-tounge
ye there's someone, just wait for us to decide what tracks we will send u for the test Raspberry-tounge
okay Happy tought u forgot me xD
Dark and me will send you the tracks soon, then u can go for them.
Is our first "together" working (Dark and me), normally Kris does that ;D
Just be a bit patient Happy

BTW we invite and appreciate to come to discord. You will need it Raspberry-tounge

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