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Title: Accepted Application - Protector
Thread Modes
00. Name: Marcel Lehmann
01. Nickname in-game: Protector (login: lehmann3)
02. Age: 36 <- Surprised
03. Skype: --- but discord: Protector#0594
04. City: Cologne
05. Country: Germany
06. How long am I playing TM: since 2007
07. Previous teams in TM: none
08. Why Żorscy?: Funny and respectable People and a few from my Country Happy  and i play very often on the Servers, because the maps are great Happy 
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania
1.) ZR-members have to be once a week at least online for some time (like 2-3 hours and more )
2.) If you are a ZR member and want to stay, but you cannot play in some time, you have to tell Dark or me (aZej) in a PM, so we know what happened to you so you are afk.
3.) It is not ok, to find a reason not to play every week, so you just stay member without being active. When we feel "faked" because you are to much afk from TrackMania we ask you about that.

Here are the conditions. do you accept them ?
Yes Happy
here are your tracks, good luck man Happy

Freak xD

I do my best Laughing2
Good luck!
So, thats my Replays Happy

Hope is fast enough. xD

Attached Files
.gbx   CATERINA MARGUERITA _Protector 'ΣH२Ξ(00'57''00).Replay.Gbx (Size: 61.49 KB / Downloads: 1)
.gbx    LABLA_Protector 'ΣH२Ξ(00'50''12).Replay.Gbx (Size: 43.93 KB / Downloads: 1)
.gbx   Tricky Land_Protector 'ΣH२Ξ(00'52''89).Replay.Gbx (Size: 53.65 KB / Downloads: 1)
Ok, we will Check,our replays and tell you then the answer. Be patient Happy
Have edited one replay: tricky land.

From 53.24 to 52.89 Wink
Oi, aZej and i watched your replays, you did well. Welcome in the team man Happy

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