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Title: Rejected Podanie - [TUTAJ TWÓJ NICK]
Thread Modes
00. Imię:
01. Nick w grze:
02. Wiek:
03. GG dla graczy PL:
04. SKYPE dla graczy obcokrajowców:
05. Miasto:
06. Województwo:
07. Staż w TM:
08. Poprzednie drużyny w TM:
09. Dlaczego Żorscy?:
11. Zapoznałem się z regulaminem teamu Żorscy (ZR):  TAK/NIE
12. Zapoznałem się z regulaminem serwera Żorscy (ZR):  TAK/NIE
13. Rodzaj gry: Trackmania / Trackmania2


00. Name: Arnaud    Peaceful
01. Nickname in-game: DarKSpeed ( also known as love_is_a_weakness) 
02. Age: 18
03. Skype: Yes and discord too
04. City: somain
05. Country: France 
06. How long am I playing TM: 8years 
07. Previous teams in TM: no one
08. Why Żorscy?: Because i play often on his server , and i have good communication with some people of the team, also i want to part of the team 
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania
Before starting Test tracks:

1.) ZR-members have to be once a week at least online for some time (like 2-3 hours and more )
2.) If you are a ZR member and want to stay, but you cannot play in some time, you have to tell Dark or me (aZej) in a PM, so we know what happened to you so you are afk.
3.) It is not ok, to find a reason not to play every week, so you just stay member without being active. When we feel "faked" because you are to much afk from TrackMania we ask you about that.

Here are the conditions. do you accept them ?
(04.01.2019. 18:18)aZej Wrote: Avant de commencer les pistes de test:

1.) Les membres ZR doivent être en ligne au moins une fois par semaine pendant un certain temps (environ 2-3 heures ou plus)
2.) Si vous êtes membre ZR et souhaitez rester, mais vous ne pouvez pas jouer dans quelque temps, vous devez dire à Dark ou moi (aZej) dans un PM, donc nous savons ce qui vous est arrivé, donc vous êtes afk.
3.) Il n'est pas correct de trouver une raison de ne pas jouer toutes les semaines. Vous devez donc rester membre sans être actif. Lorsque nous nous sentons "falsifiés" parce que vous êtes trop afk de TrackMania, nous vous posons la question.

Voici les conditions. les acceptez-vous?

Yes without any problem
Alright, here are your test tracks, good luck with that Happy

Okay, thank you, and do I have to do a particular time or not? Once I've done them, I'll send you the replays?

I finished them all  Love-little

Attached Files
.gbx   Speedy going...!_ »9Ӡ«_DarKSpeed(01'00''57).Replay.Gbx (Size: 54.85 KB / Downloads: 0)
.gbx   Blue Red_DarKSpeed(00'56''73).Replay.Gbx (Size: 54.54 KB / Downloads: 0)
.gbx   WoTM_DarKSpeed(01'00''96).Replay.Gbx (Size: 80.14 KB / Downloads: 0)
Yoyo, sorry for that late answer.
Actually your replays are a bit low on time, i think you can do a little better.

Good luck with that Happy
it seems u don't really want to post replays anymore, we decided to reject your application, sorry man.

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