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Title: Accepted Application - [Freddy]
Thread Modes
00. Name: Freddy
01. Nickname in-game: Freddy
02. Age: 20
03. Skype: for real? here´s my discord^^ Freddy1426#9866
04. City: Hamburg
05. Country: Germany
06. How long am I playing TM: over 1000 hours
07. Previous teams in TM: JFF
08. Why Żorscy?: Zr best team in the world
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania 
peace  Love-little
Yo freddy Happy
Here are your 3 tracks :

Once you're done, put the replays here
Duży uśmiech 
Not the best but solid times, except the rush hour one. Its an absolute trash track and i couldnt play it much more xD

Attached Files
.gbx   SLiDEZ! II_〶ιτѕ»FREĐĐY(00'45''24).Replay.Gbx (Size: 43.24 KB / Downloads: 1)
.gbx   Home SWEET Home »9Ӡ«_〶ιτѕ»FREĐĐY(00'58''98).Replay.Gbx (Size: 129.81 KB / Downloads: 1)
.gbx   RushHour_〶ιτѕ»FREĐĐY(00'54''12).Replay.Gbx (Size: 59.51 KB / Downloads: 1)
The replays are pretty ok, welcome in ! Happy

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