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Title: Rejected Application - Charles 'ΣH२Ξ
Thread Modes
00. Name: Simon Peter
01. Nickname in-game: Charles 'ΣH२Ξ (will change to my real name if accepted)
02. Age: 23
03. Skype: ~
04. City: Shillong (I move around often)
05. Country: India
06. How long am I playing TM: 1 year (+350  hours)
07. Previous teams in TM: None
08. Why Żorscy?: Why not? I failed my first trial in Feb and I feel I am ready to try again after having practiced a lot. I know ladder rank doesn't matter much, but I went from +700,000 to 109612 since I last applied.
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania United
Yo, sorry for that late answer, here are your tracks :


Good luck with that Happy
GL from me too!
Hi Dark/Azej,

Due to multiple unavoidable reasons, I will not be able to game for a while so I am formally removing my application to join ZR as I am positively sure that I won't be regular on TM which is a core requirement for you guys. I hope to be able to rejoin the community in the near future.

I am sorry for the trouble.

Regards, Simon.
We are sad about your personal position and wish you the best luck for this.
But because of you tell us ou cant play, we have do dismiss your application.


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