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Rejected Application - [Irongo]
00. Name: Hugo
01. Nickname in-game: Irongo
02. Age: 14
03. Skype: Hugo LACH
04. City: Kanfen
05. Country: France
06. How long am I playing TM: 5 Years
07. Previous teams in TM: IF
08. Why Żorscy?: Because i love Zorscy's server and team 
09. I read the terms of team Żorscy (ZR):  YES
10. I read the terms of servers Żorscy (ZR):  YES
11. Type of game: Trackmania
so basiacally, all you have to do now is beat as many of these times as possible on these maps :

Gold map 9 <18.05
colich 31.5 <18.00
gravity lost <19.90
Lol by tazzik #14 <19.60

The link to the Training server with all the maps is here:


Good Luck ^^
[Image: BGD0ZGD1ZQRkZD.png]
Hi Nebula I have a problem with the server: I can't join it...
So tell me how i can do.
use this link:
[Image: AwHlBGD1ZGp2.png]
it works thx
Dancing Raspberry
Gold map 9 ---->18.78  Raspberry
colich 31.5 ---->19.66  Givingup
gravity lost ---->19.47 Raspberry
Lol by tazzik #14 <19.60 ---->24.17  Givingup
Gravity lost and Gold Map 9 is good but LoL by tazzik :/
[Image: ZGLmAmD1ZQR1Zj.png]
[Image: AmV5ZmNkAwp5ZN.png]


I can't do better i will try but it's hard to do better
Can i set the tag on my trackmania ?

OMG I'VE MADE 20.76 !!!! 

where you made 20.76?
lol by Tazzik . So can i set the tag on my TM ?

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